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      House design … The most ideally beautiful and luxurious villa… 1000+ Villa design, castle design … Van An Group – Property as expected…

      Van An Group refines and selects the best villas from classical, neoclassical to modern architecture to introduce to you. Thai roof villas or garden villas are all architectural masterpieces that Van An Group wants to share to you so that you could have more options for family’s house design.


      Van An Group Joint Stock Company is currently headquartered in Hanoi and other 05 branches in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces of Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa. In the period of 2020-2022, Van An Group will open branches to the provinces including Binh Dinh, Da Nang and Vung Tau with the desire to serve the homeowners nationwide in the most convenient way. house design

      Design and construction works of Van An Design Group has been present in 47 provinces and cities across the North – Central – South with 1,200+ Architectural and construction works handed over. house design

      We are a unit creating a lot of beautiful house designs including famous castles and villas. We proudly have a high-quality team that few architectural design companies can gather. Our team includes 03 Dr., 08 Masters and 40+o Architects and Engineers. Van An Design Group confidently pleases homeowners nationwide with lifetime architectural masterpieces.

      With contributions and dedication in the architectural design industry as well as efforts to bring more free houses to the design community, recently in Hanoi, Van An Group is proud to be an enterprise honored with the Top 100 Famous Brands in Vietnam in 2019. This is a great motivation for the Van An Group’s team to make more efforts on the way to bring values to society. house design


      Here, Van An Group would like to share the beautiful and top quality villas nowadays. The architectural works with perfect and diverse styles will help home owners have an overview of the current villa house design lines as well as more options for the family’s houses.

Small villa design that will amaze you

Small villa design that will amaze you

Small villa design. Check out the photos off these beautiful 2-storey houses, which are part of a growing movement that promotes sustainable living.
Modern house design ideas and pictures

Modern house design ideas and pictures

Modern house design collection with spacious interiors and large windows is perfect for letting in sunlight and clear sightlines for great views.
2 story house design images nice sparkling

2 story house design images nice sparkling

2 story house design is a beautiful collection of double storey plans with unique facade options to suit everyone and give you more flexibility.


1. Beautiful neoclassical architectural villas

      The design of a neoclassical villa is no stranger to owners who love lightness, romance, and depth or linger on a little nostalgic about the past to make life more interesting.

house design

Neoclassical architecture is very popular in modern society

      The architectural design style of neoclassical villas has satisfied many most fastidious homeowners thanks to its elegance, lightness and sophistication from meticulous pattern details. 

house design

The gentle but sharp pattern system makes the architecture look eye-catching

      The most noticeable feature of the beautiful neoclassical architectural home designs in Vietnam today is the oposite of shapes, pattern details or meticulous and sophisticated decorative lines in some positions such as domes, pillars or the system of extremely sharp winding patterns surrounding the building. To meet the needs of modern life, the neoclassical villa design has been renovated but retains the characteristics of the classical villa house design style.

house design

The elegant and charming beauty of neoclassical design

      The color combination of this neoclassical villa house design really brings a beautiful and luxurious feeling to the whole project. Basically, the main color used in beautiful European architectural villas is white combined with yellow which is considered a classic color, consistent with the luxurious beauty and classic inherence of neoclassical buildings like this. Colors bring a sense of luxury and sumptuous. This is exactly what everyone wants to have in their houses.

house design

Spacious facade, harmonious layout, exquisite colors

      The hall is meticulously and elaborately designed by the architects. The pillars are sculpted with luxurious motifs, while creating a balanced symmetry. The windows and walls are used toughened wood glass system to bring a spacious and airy space to the building. The curves of arched windows add to the architecture’s flexibility and softness. In addition, taking advantage of the 3rd floor balcony space to arrange the trees provides clean and fresh air for homeowners.

house design

The building has massive blocks and intricate patterns

      Super villas are built with the scale and cost not inferior to the high-class castles. The hall is the highlight of the building with a solid double pillar and intricate decoration. The lobby pillar and handrail are painted with fake shiny brown stones. The three-step staircase are covered with red ruby ​​and gray stone, bringing the luxurious beauty to the building.

house design

The villa is as beautiful as a magnificent castle

      The window system of the project is used Lao wood, combined with toughened glass which not only are durable, no warping, tight and safe but also can create an airy space for the rooms. The main doors of the project use South African ironwood – a rare and durable wood. This is also the optimal choice for neoclassical architecture design.

house design

An attractive house design ideas

      The building is covered in milky white paint combined with cream yellow wall color to bring the luxurious beauty and splendor to the house. In order to ensure good color fastness and waterproofing for the works, house designer Van An Group has given technical instructions for construction work items, including paint work with special attention.

house design

Luxurious and splendid beauty shows the homeowner class

      Neoclassical patterns are gently and delicately decorated by architects in order not to be too cumbersome, sophisticated enough to exaggerate the elegant and luxurious beauty of this  beautiful 3-floor neoclassical architectural villa house design.

2. Impressive Thailand roof architectural villas

      Also taking the neoclassical architecture but this villa design is probably strikingly beautiful by the impressive roof architecture. 

house design

Design of 2-storey villas with nice and luxurious roofs

      In recent years, the type of Thailand roof is occupying a priority position in the hearts of homeowners and investors by its superior advantages. 

house design

The villa impresses with 2 coherent and airy floors

      Beautiful villas stand out with the milky white walls combined with gentle white patterns and blue roofs. The entire system of natural high-quality wooden doors, particularly the window system adding tempered glass helps catch natural light and creates a feeling of airy space for the house design.

house design

Nice Thailand roof villa design

      The paint color tone chosen for the house is milky white combined with the blue of the roof brings the luxurious beauty and splendor to the house design. These are the common colors of modern villa architecture because they hide many meaningful meanings, including feng shui ones. 

house design

Thai roof villas design has a perfect beauty

      In addition to the sophistication in using colors, through the perspectives above, we also see the impression of a beautiful villa made up of the use of materials. The balcony areas evenly arranged on the floors makes the whole house airy thanks to the arrangement of the window system with standard and feng shui sizes.

house design

A large and spacious Thai roof villa

      The beautiful villa stands out with a sloping Thai roof system using cubes that are both strong and soft, bringing harmony in design. Besides, the sophistication in choosing the colors of the architects has also contributed significantly to highlighting the elegance of the house design. Specifically, the project is designed with a dominant white tone. The roof system is used sharp blue color. This combination brings a unique style project, confirming the sophisticated aesthetic sense of the owner and the designer.

house design

Large, spacious, spacious roof villas

      Being active and young, the investor also chooses a function of the villa design which is quite airy but full of functional rooms for relaxation and entertainment. The small balcony corner on the second floor is where home owners can unleash their talents to cultivate their plants. It is both an elegant pleasure and a fresh, fresh space for the whole family. 

3. Garden villas

      The design of garden villa sample is distinguished by the characteristics of mixing a spacious and airy garden.

garden villa design

The garden villa is as beautiful as a resort

      Because of the beautiful garden style design, the garden system is one of the main highlights to be able to create a perfect living space. The garden was meticulously designed and planned by Van An Group house architect designer with a system of trees, flowers, miniatures, swimming pools, playgrounds for children, etc. The architects make the most of almost all the smallest spaces to create a beautiful villa setting. 

garden villa design

The view of the most luxurious hall

      With a perfect open space combined with a green space to bring a beautiful garden house, the architects used high-strength tempered glass panels and solid wood frame systems for the doors, balcony, and windows. The use of glass materials and wooden frames with moderate prices brings tremendous effects.. It not only helps to increase the beauty of modern and luxurious house design but also helps family members can stand anywhere in the house to see the beautiful garden space of their family. The thick window system also helps the interior space of the rooms become brighter and more eye-catching.

house design

A luxurious and classy living space, couldn’t be more wonderful

      Next is an equally beautiful and imposing villa with a beautiful garden layout. This type of house design is suitable for those who want to live a modern, gentle life and want to improve their health and to eliminate worry about environmental pollution.


Shimmering and brilliant night perspective as a royal palace

      This beautiful modern villa was renovated by many architectural shapes. This garden villa model has a corner of the garden landscape with a bridge and a mini river, along with a holiday hut. It all shows a comfortable life in a heavenly sight.

house design

A masterpiece of a combination of youthful and modern colors

      Possessing a spacious ground, the 3-floor garden villa model fully presents the delicate, gentle and elegant beauty. The exterior surface of the house design makes the building more luxurious and full of life. Besides, the perfect combination of neoclassical style mixed with modern architectural style has created a vivid beauty, integrating the current context. Overall the garden villa has an airy swimming pool, clear sub-division, meeting the requirements of green and fresh living space.

      A beautiful 3-floor villa design is smartly and modernly decorated, has plenty of natural light and feng shui guarantee, not only capturing the love of the investor but also the surrounding look. 

house design

Modern, convenient in every detail

      Dressed in gentle beauty and sophistication, the beautiful garden villa design brings the viewers visual satisfaction in every corner. When we look at the house, it seems that we’re stepping into the fairy world, surrounded by bright, brilliant and splendid chandeliers. “Beautiful” is an adjective that cannot fully describe the beauty of this modern villa masterpiece. 

4. Nice villas with modern architecture

      The design of garden villa sample is distinguished by the characteristics of mixing a spacious and airy garden.

modern villa design

Dreamy modern villa design

      Fully filled your eyes with neoclassical villas and castles, Van An will lead you to visit the beautiful modern architectural villas leading the current trend.The first super product is a splendid 3-storey villa with modern style in the overall architecture. Besides, it is the subtlety in choosing colors and spatial layout. This is one of the shimmering modern villa house designs that every home owner needs to consult.

modern villa design

Modern villa style is desirable

      Space of playground and relaxing is arranged on the rooftop right in front of the house. This is also a place to catch the sun and wind in the early morning and to watch the twinkle stars at night. It is also the venue for the outdoor party of the whole family, bringing the comfortable, modern living space of many home owners.

modern villa design

Such a desiralble panoramic facilities

      This is a beautiful house design with unconventional roof architecture, showing a bit of contemporary architecture. The building is designed in the direction of optimal relaxation space. In addition to arranging a lot of trees, the project also shows the level of comfort in arranging the rooftop swimming pool to bring a modern, clean living space.

modern villa design

Modern villas occupy the hearts of homeowners

      Villa roof deflection was painted light yellow color as the main color. The strong shapes are characterized by Western architecture. The house is designed from square blocks placed next to each other without any special rules, but it has an incredible harmony in the exterior. Each space on the sides is designed and decorated differently from wind bars or colorful window panes.


      If you wishes to own the house design as expected, possess a classy castle design, a luxurious villa design or a beautiful shimmering townhouse design as well as the free designs of beautiful 4-level houses, tube houses or the mezzanine, pease pick up the phone and call Van An Group Design immediately.

      Or you can register information for housing advice in the form below of Van An Design. We will contact you immediately to discuss, advise and answer your questions!

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      05 branches in: Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa.

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